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Montreux Riviera Card: the must-have tourist card

Have you planned a trip to Montreux? As soon as you arrive at your destination, pick up your Montreux Riviera Card. This tourist pass offers you 50% discount on many activities and attractions!

The Montreux Riviera Card is financed through the City Tax, this card allows tourists to access the main attractions at a discounted price. This concept will certainly be of interest to you, as you will save a lot of money during your stay.

Instead of paying the full entrance fee to a museum or the Château de Chillon, you present this card. Your discount is automatically applied. A great way to enjoy the region and public places at low prices!

Depending on what you want to do, you can book the Freddie Tours, interactive guided tours that take you on Freddie Mercury's foot steps. Visit museums such as Chaplin's World or attend the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. In other words, you will enjoy the Riviera to its fullest!

How to get the Montreux Riviera Card?

Have you booked a hotel room or a flat with a view of Lake Geneva? 

Good news, the Montreux Riviera Card will be offered to you upon your arrival! The concept is simple: anyone who books a night in the Montreux region receives this famous card.

Whatever the type of accommodation you choose, i.e. hotel, flat rental or even private clinic, you will receive your Montreux Riviera Card. As soon as you arrive, your host will give you this sesame. 

You will be able to take advantage of free transportation on the entire VMCV public network. 

You are therefore free to travel between Montreux, Vevey and the neighbouring towns without having to pay.

Montreux Riviera Card

How to take advantage of the Montreux Riviera Card?

Start your holiday trip with a glass of wine offered at the "i" points in Montreux and Vevey. You can use this opportunity to plan the ideal programme in this magnificent region. The Montreux Riviera Card offers you discounts on activities and admission to the following museums:

The instructions to use the Montreux Riviera Card are simple: present your card at these tourist attractions and the discounts will be applied automatically. Adults get a discount and children often get free admission. For a family holiday in Switzerland, this is a real good deal!

For your online purchases and online bookings, you simply need to specify that you have this card in order to obtain the desired reduced rate. You will need to present a valid Montreux Riviera Card before your activity or museum visit.

For more information, you can download the official brochure of the Montreux Riviera Card. You will find a map of the city's public transport network so that you can get to the places you want easily. The complete list of activities you can do is also provided. You can therefore plan your activities throughout your stay.

You will find more information about the Montreux Riviera Card on the official website of the "Montreux Riviera" tourist office at:

Freddie Tour

The history of music in Montreux, the stay of Freddie Mercury and the band Queen with fascinating facts and stories.
  • Duration about 1 hour.
  • Easy walk of 1 kilometre on the lakeside of Montreux.
  • Meeting place: under the Montreux "Covered Market", behind the bus stop, "Montreux Marché". Google Maps
Meeting Point - Freddie Tours
Price of the guided tourCHF 29.00CHF 14.50-50% with the Montreux Riviera Card

Book your tour

A part of this amount is donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust which fights HIV/AIDS.

Freddie Tour (Extended)

An extended version of the Freddie Tour. A more complete itinerary with more places, stories, pictures and anecdotes to discover.
  • Duration about 2.5 hours.
  • Easy 2 km walk in town and along the lake.
  • Meeting place: at the corner of the "Petit Palais" building, next to the "Centre des Congrès" bus stop. Google Maps
Meeting Point - Freddie Tours
Price of the guided tourCHF 49.00CHF 24.50-50% with the Montreux Riviera Card

Book your tour

A part of this amount is donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust which fights HIV/AIDS.

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