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Peter Freestone

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Freddie Mercury's personal assistant

Peter Freestone has been an active participant in Freddie Tours, the guided tours offered in Montreux since 2020.

Peter Freestone’s voice will accompany the visitors of the English version during this city tour with a guide who takes you on the footsteps of Freddie Mercury in Montreux.

Latest news from Peter Freestone

"Right Place, Right Time" by Peter Freestone

"Right Place, Right Time" by Peter Freestone

Peter Freestone has just released his autobiography, "Right Place, Right Time", which takes you on a journey through his life as Freddie Mercury's personal assistant and friend for over a decade.

From his humble beginnings in South London to working with one of the biggest rock stars of all time, this book tells the tale of how he made the right choices at the right time to create a life that was beyond his wildest dreams.

Peter offers a limited edition, signed and numbered by hand.


Podcasts made in Montreux with Peter Freestone

Podcasts made in Montreux with Peter Freestone

A team from the Netherlands, accompanied by Freddie Tours, made a series of podcasts in Montreux with Peter Freestone.

Freddie Tours organised a tailor-made programme for their stay in the city. A private boat trip, a visit to the Queen: The Studio Experience as well as the many places of interest in Montreux allowed them to discover the strong connection Freddie Mercury had with the town.

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Shooting of a documentary in Montreux with Peter Freestone

Shooting of a documentary in Montreux with Peter Freestone

Freddie Tours accompanied a Spanish crew filming a documentary on Freddie Mercury in Montreux with Peter Freestone.

The first day was spent at the Fairmont Montreux Palace, where we were given access to their beautiful hotel. On the second day, after a visit to the Chalets of Claude Nobs, the whole team went to the lake and to the statue to admire a beautiful sunset. 

You will of course be informed once the documentary will be released.

Peter Freestone audio recording for Freddie Tours

Peter Freestone audio recording for Freddie Tours

We have just finished recording the English version with Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury's personal assistant for over 10 years.

Many thanks to the Conatus Studio and Vladimir Cochet for the excellent work.

In addition to the many photos and videos, it is Peter Freestone himself that you will hear on the audioguides of the English version during the guided tour and who will give you explanations, stories and anecdotes.

We look forward to welcoming you in Montreux from August 1st, 2020 for the long-awaited launch of the Freddie Tours.

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About Peter Freestone

Peter Freestone was born in Surrey, England on January 8, 1955. He spent his first 6 years in the south of the British capital. He started nursery school at Lushington Hall in South India, then returned to England five years later.

In 1973, at the age of 19, Peter Freestone finished his studies. He had a traineeship as a catering manager at Selfridges, a London department shop, where he became the youngest assistant manager in the company.

In 1975, he changed his horizons and began working part-time at London's famous Royal Opera House. Two years later, in 1977, he was hired full time as wardrobe manager for the Royal Ballet.

Peter Freestone and Freddie Mercury
Peter Freestone and Freddie Mercury

In 1979, he met Freddie Mercury who was the guest of honour at a Royal Ballet charity gala. The Queen's singer played "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" on stage that evening, accompanied by numerous dancers. Peter exchanged a few words with Freddie Mercury that evening following his performance. Freddie was interested in the nature of his work and questioned him about it.

Three weeks later Peter Freestone received a call from Freddie's then manager Paul Prenter, who offered him the opportunity to work for Queen and take care of their stage costumes during their upcoming English "Crazy Tour". Peter accepted the offer.

Beginning of the collaboration with Freddie Mercury

A great friendship quickly developed between the two people and Phoebe (Freddie Mercury's nickname for him) officially becomes the singer's personal assistant a year later in 1980.

Peter Freestone says, "For twelve years I was in close contact with Freddie on an almost daily basis, taking on a multitude of different roles day after day. I was the handyman, waiter, butler, secretary, cleaner, babysitter and responsible for his personal correspondence. I was with him when he was at the top, just as I was present during the empty periods. I saw the inspiration and I saw his frustration when things were at their worst. I was his bodyguard when necessary and, in the end, of course, I was one of his "nurses".”

Peter traveled around the world and followed Freddie on his constant trips and on all the tours he does with Queen. One of his trips took him to the French-speaking part of Switzerland, to the shores of Lake Geneva: Phoebe discovered Montreux for the first time in 1981.

This peaceful Swiss city brought peace to Freddie Mercury's mind and soul: "He needed it to finish the recording work he had started and to which he wanted to devote himself until his death," he says.

After the death of Freddie Mercury

Peter Freestone's work as personal assistant to Freddie Mercury ended three months after the singer's death in 1991.

Since then, Peter Freestone has had several occupations. He worked at Guy's Hospital in London, then opened a small hotel before becoming, for a time, the director of an opera company.

In 1995, after much hesitation, he devoted six months to writing his first book, which he published with David Evans. "Freddie Mercury: An Intimate Memoir by the Man Who Knew Him Best" was officially released in 1998. According to Peter, it is the result of more than 3 years of therapy. His second book focuses on what happened with the Queen singer after his death and the interest that fans have in Freddie Mercury and his music.

In 2016, Peter released a new book on Freddie Mercury's favourite recipes. The book contains a selection of his favourite dishes, illustrated with numerous photographs, as well as various anecdotes and memories of Peter Freestone's cooking for Freddie Mercury. The singer is known as much for his eccentricity as for his exacting standards, a character that was found as much in his approach to music and fashion as in his approach to food. Freddie Mercury was very secretive about his private life so few people knew what he really liked to eat and drink or what his favourite meal was. "Freddie Mercury's Royal Recipes" was previewed in Montreux during the Freddie Celebration Days 2016.


Peter Freestone in Montreux in July 2020 for the Freddie Tours
Peter Freestone in Montreux in July 2020 for the Freddie Tours

Peter Freestone officially obtained his Czech citizenship in August 2020. He currently lives in a village in the Czech Republic, a few hours drive from Prague. He works as a teacher in a school not far from his home. He is an active participant in the Titanic Freddie Aids project. Created jointly with Milan Satnik, the TFA project is mainly aimed at schools. Its aim is to raise awareness and prevention among young pupils about the still very present dangers of HIV and AIDS.

Peter "Phoebe" Freestone returns regularly to Montreux where he has been participating for many years in the Freddie Celebration Days, an event organized around 5 September, Freddie Mercury's birthday.

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