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Freddie Tours for schools

Our interactive tours give students a fun way to discover Montreux's rich musical history and the close connection between Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band Queen, and the town.

  • Participants are accompanied by a guide, a Montreux native with a strong connection to Queen's musical world.
  • Authentic and previously unheard explanations and anecdotes thanks to the testimony of Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury's personal assistant for 12 years, with whom the guide has been in regular contact for over 20 years.
  • Interactive audio guides in 6 languages: French, English (with Peter Freestone's voice), German, Italian, Spanish and Russian, as well as exclusive photos and videos broadcast throughout the visit to better immerse themselves in the Montreux of the 1980s.
  • A tour of the town's iconic locations, suitable for everyone, including the Mountain Studios at Montreux Casino where Queen's greatest albums were recorded. The Freddie Tours end at the lakeside in front of the famous Freddie Mercury statue.

The press and media covered Freddie Tours

Since their launch in 2020, the Freddie Tours have been the subject of numerous press articles and documentaries broadcast on various national and international television channels.

  • Freddie Tours on SRF1
  • Freddie Tours on France 3
  • Freddie Tours on "Kulturplatz" from SRF1
  • Radio broadcast "La Première".
  • Feature on the TV channel 3Sat
  • TV report during the 19:30 on RTS
  • Freddie Tours in The Guardian
  • Freddie Tours on Swissinfo
  •  Montreux Riviera Gourmet Tour
  • Freddie Tours in "Le 6/9 de Morax"
  • Freddie Tours on M6, the French national TV
  • Report on the Swiss-German TV channel
  • Freddie Tours on TF1
  • Artists' homes Montreux
  • Newspaper article 24Heures
  • TCS - Touring Club Suisse

Benefits for schools & school trips

More than just a school outing, Freddie Tours offers students the unique opportunity to discover a captivating and enriching chapter in the history of music that took place close to home, but which is still largely unknown to the general public.

Your guide is suitable for all school levels, from primary to secondary schools, including colleges. It will hold the attention of the youngest with fascinating anecdotes and clear explanations.

Whether it's as part of a school run, an outing or a cultural trip, give your pupils an unforgettable experience that will enrich their school careers and stimulate their interest in learning. 

Visits take place throughout the year or during the school holidays.

For students learning English, it is possible to take the tour entirely in that language. The English version of the interactive audio guides was recorded by Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury's personal assistant for 12 years. It offers an immersive experience for practising the language and provides a unique and authentic insight into the life of Freddie Mercury and the history of Queen, as well as discovering fascinating places.

On school visits, Freddie Tours are extended to allow students to visit the "Queen: The Studio Experience" exhibition, located in the Casino Barière.

Pedagogical approaches and ideas

To further enrich the experience, Freddie Tours suggests a variety of teaching approaches that can be carried out in the classroom before or after the visit, to maximise student learning and engagement.

Although this activity seems to be aimed primarily at music teachers, it offers all teachers ways of integrating Freddie Tours into their curriculum, as it explores a variety of themes.

A journey through history and geography

Explore the iconic sites of Montreux and immerse yourself in their rich past through captivating anecdotes.

  • The 1971 fire at the Montreux Casino and its influence on Deep Purple's famous song Smoke on The Water. 
  • The presence of many famous artists and musicians in Montreux.
  • The cover of Made In Heaven, Queen's last album, depicting the majestic mountains overlooking Montreux.

An interactive musical experience

  • Made in Heaven and Mother Love: these songs can be remixed by students on the "Queen: The Studio Experience", a highlight of the visit.
  • A Winter's Tale: the last song written by Freddie Mercury is a direct reference to Montreux and its enchanting landscapes.

Film screenings

Teachers have the opportunity to screen the Oscar-winning film, "Bohemian Rhapsody", released in 2018, starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, in class. It tells the story of the legendary band Queen and its charismatic lead singer. This film offers a valuable cultural and musical complement to our guided tours, helping students to gain a deeper understanding of Queen's influence on the history of music.

In addition, Queen's latest video clip, "Face It Alone", filmed in Montreux, and the documentary "They all came out to Montreux", available in three 50-minute episodes, tell the incredible story of Claude Nobs and the Montreux Jazz Festival.

For more information and educational resources, please contact Freddie Tours.

Freddie Tour

The history of music in Montreux, the stay of Freddie Mercury and the band Queen with fascinating facts and stories.
  • Duration about 1 hour.
  • Easy walk of 1 kilometre on the lakeside of Montreux.
  • Meeting place: under the Montreux "Covered Market", behind the bus stop, "Montreux Marché". Google Maps
Meeting Point - Freddie Tours

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Freddie Tour (Extended)

An extended version of the Freddie Tour. A more complete itinerary with more places, stories, pictures and anecdotes to discover.
  • Duration about 2.5 hours.
  • Easy 2 km walk in town and along the lake.
  • Meeting place: at the corner of the "Petit Palais" building, next to the "Centre des Congrès" bus stop. Google Maps
Meeting Point - Freddie Tours

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